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Would you live in the perfect house or apartment rent-free if you found out a brutal murder had taken place there and it was rumored to be haunted? Why or why not?

Not a chance.There's bound to be a lot of negative energy. For those who would, though, I'm sure the Amityville Horror can be had for a steal.

Writer's Block: Better than leftovers

If you had to eat the same thing for dinner every night for the next year, what would you choose?

I would choose fried chicken, biscuits, cole slaw and corn on the cob. apple pie for dessert.

Writer's Block: Going down

You're on a crashing plane and your partner is fast asleep. Would you wake her/him up to say 'I love you' one last time or let her/him die in her/his sleep?

Does anyone check these questions? Any one? At all? PIcture this: you fall asleep on your plane ride and awake to your partner shaking you and saying "Darling, I know you were asleep, but the plane is about to crash; now, now, don't panic, don't freak out, I just woke you up to tell you that I love you." Yes, anyone would prefer that to dying in their sleep. (heavy sarcasm).

Writer's Block: The long and winding road

Are there any difficult events in your past that made you a stronger person today? If you could go back and erase them, would you?

Well, if they made me stronger, why would I go back and erase them?

Writer's Block: Satisfying the craving

What's your favorite midnight snack, and why?

Ice cream, spooning it right out of the carton.

Writer's Block: Food glorious food

If you could get a free, unlimited supply of one food for life, what would you choose?

It would have to be pizza. So many difference choices!

Writer's Block: Art imitating life

Which movie would you show to aliens to represent humans and human nature?

"Independence Day" As Will Smith says: "Welcome to Earth."

Writer's Block: Round and round

Is there any song you could listen to 20 times in a day without ever losing interest?

"You Rock My World" by Michael Jackson

Writer's Block: You're my best friend

If you could shrink any animal down to miniature size and carry it around in your pocket, which animal would you choose?

A giraffe. I think they're so cute. I could feed her little pieces of lettuce to eat, and it would be so adorable when "Spot" poked her tiny head out of my pocket!

Writer's Block: Love is a battlefield

Which five songs would you absolutely play at your friend's wedding reception, and why?

I'd play: Ribbon in the Sky by Stevie Wonder; Could I Have This Dance? by Anne Murray; Unforgettable by Nat King Cole; Get Down Tonight by KC and the Sunshine Band; and We've Only Just Begun by the Carpenters. A little of everything, but still romantic.


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